Meet the team behind the MOUSTACHE!


Sebastien Dupuis


Hailing from Trois-Rivières, Sebastien is a talented guitarist. Sebastien performs as a traditional music and gypsy jazz accompanist.
At the workshop, he specialises in the maintenance and reparation of instruments.

Caroline Champagne

Caroline Champagne - FABRICATION

Also native from Trois-Rivières, Caroline has been passionate about music since her adolescence. She loves traditional songs, and can easily be cajoled to belt one out at a kitchen party. At the workshop, her specialty is the fabrication of Moustache instruments. The first Moustache gypsy guitar was created in 2003, and the first bouzouki in 2006.

Philippe Lemieux

Philippe Lemieux - FABRICATION

From the Outaouais region, Philippe is a versatile fiddler and guitar player who performs traditional, jazz, and world music. His experience as a multi-instrumentalist allows him to understand the demands of different musical genres. He and Caroline work together as an instrument making team, constantly refining their craft, in search of perfection.